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The HealthTap Cloud enables top developers to save time and costs while making their apps interoperable, more engaging, and smarter.

Key components

HealthTap Cloud offers a full suite of microservices through APIs and SDKs, any combination of which can be used to build specific, new features or power entire applications. Key components include:

  • Cross-Platform Telemedicine: Embed secure, ultra high-definition video/voice/text multi-participant chat in iOS/Android/web apps with seamless integration with pharmacies, labs, and insurance companies
  • Big Data
    • Health Data Exchange: Instantly integrate and connect to user health data across a full spectrum of electronic medical records (EMRs), apps, devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Population Health Insights: Query real-time and historical analytics on large health datasets to perform better predictive modeling, machine learning/AI, collaborative filtering, and personalization
  • Clinical CRM: Efficiently and effectively engage patient populations with care pathways for improved adherence and outcomes
  • Trusted Content: Contextually display personalized content from the world’s largest repository of doctor insights organized by the more comprehensive natural language ontology

Powered by HOPES™

HealthTap Cloud™ is powered by HOPES™, the world's first Health Operating System, linking the entire continuum of care (including EMRs, devices, and apps) to an individual’s PHR and a Health Graph™. HOPES was created for interoperability and ease of integration and is built on robust, extensible APIs and a modular plug-in architecture.

Benefits for you

  • Enjoy interoperability
    • Out-of-the box compatibility with multiple sources of patient health data and a single API for a full suite of health services
  • Gain instant security
    • HIPAA-compliant and SOC2 Type II Certified; quickly and easily store and retrieve your users’ data while adhering to the world’s highest standards of security and privacy
  • Access doctor knowledge
    • Tap into the world’s largest repository of personalized, doctor-created insights to provide your users trustworthy, relevant information on all health topics; leverage the world’s most extensive natural language health/medical ontology created and curated by thousands of doctors
  • Earn extra revenue
    • Monetize your apps by driving users to premium services provided by HealthTap and its providers, such as virtual consults and second opinions
  • Save time and money
    • Save precious time with turnkey access to cutting edge technology developed in Silicon Valley by top engineers and optimized with billions of doctor and patient interactions; No need to pay third-party vendors to integrate telehealth services or license quality health content and directories
  • Understand your users better
    • Artificial Intelligence/NLP ready Integrated analytics layer allows you to perform powerful queries at the individual or population level and gain better insights, power machine-learning or predictive models, and create more personalized user experiences and smarter collaborative filtering algorithms

Connected systems are smarter

The HealthTap Cloud™ is transforming fragmented complex systems (where every component is disconnected from the rest of healthcare), into a unified, homogenous, and interoperable system, that is consumer-centric, smart, and constantly learning.

The HealthTap Secure, Unified Personal Health Record (PHR) automatically collects fragmented data from multiple sources that populate the PHR either passively (through analytics or monitoring) or actively (with explicit user input). These include (but are not limited to):

  • Patient-reported attributes on their profile
  • Doctor-reported clinical notes, diagnoses, and treatments during and between visits
  • EMR systems
  • Insurance claims data
  • Third-party apps, devices, wearables, or connected sensors
  • Patient databases and datasets provided by employers, providers, governments, etc.
  • Patient behavior (browsing, querying, following, etc...)

Secure and private

HealthTap Cloud is HIPAA-compliant and SOC2-Type 2 certified (verified by periodic external auditors), conforming to the world’s highest standards of security and privacy.


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